Pre-war Cars (5 albums)

Trojan Apollo and Achilles
The Trojan Apollo and Achilles were the first real Trojan saloon cars. They featured the Trojan two stroke engine again mounted under the front seat, but had a fabric four door body. The Achilles had a solid roof with the Apollo having a sliding roof. They were made in some numbers between 1928 and 1929. In 1929 Trojan also made the Wayfarer which was effectively a convertible version of the Apollo, four-doored but with a shaft drive rather than the traditional chain drive. The shaft ran along the side of the car in the position of the chain. Only three Wayfarers were ever made.

Trojan Mastra
The Mastra was Trojans last attempt to make a car before the 2nd World War. The Mastra was a very elegantly designed car and again featured the engine at the rear, though the original 4 cyclinder two stroke was increased to a 6 cyclinder two stroke. However although the car had a lot more torque it still had a low top speed. It was launched at the 1935 motor show but was never put into production with only two complete cars and one mock up ever made.

Trojan Three Door
The Trojan Three Door car was a development of the Utility, it differed by having a longer body so allowing better leg room in the rear seats. It was also given a third door on the pavement side giving access to the rear seats. An optional extra hard top was sold for these cars. Production started in 1926 and had pretty well ended by 1928 though a few cars were made after this date.

Trojan RE
The Trojan RE or Rear Engined was a fairly unique design, the original two stroke engine was mounted upright in an engine box behind the rear wheels and in the original design the radiator and gearbox were also contained in the engine box. The idea was that the car could be driven to the Trojan dealer, the whole engine box unclipped in minutes and replaced with a 'courtesy box'. The owner could then drive his car away whilst the garage serviced the engine and most of the mechanicals. However the detachable rear end was soon abandoned in the design stage and the radiator located at the front of the car. This resulted in an attractive but fairly impractical vehicle. The steering was very light and the huge lengths of all the control rods led to many problems. The car was also very behind the times with only rear wheeled braking and a top speed of 45mph. So although the RE was manufactured as saloons and convertibles, with fabric and aluminium bodies over a period from 1929 to 1934 only about 100 cars were ever sold.

Trojan Utility
The Trojan Utility was Hounsfields first production car, again featuring the Hounsfield two stroke engine mounted horizontally under the front seats. The first cars were manufactured by Leyland at their Kingston factory as Trojan did not have the space for proper vehicle production. The first Utility's were made in 1922 with production ending in 1926.