Elva and McLaren (2 albums)

In the late 1950's Trojan Limited bought the Elva car company, which was their opening into the sports car and racing car market. Trojan continued to operate the Elva factory but gradually they moved the production of various vehicles to the Trojan works, with the Elva Courier production transfering in 1962.

With the purchase of Elva Cars Trojan moved into the world of racing cars which led to the start of a business relationship with Bruce McLaren. Trojan set up a racing car division and manufactured and sold the only 'off the peg' racing cars of their time. These were sold as McLaren's and drew on the expertise of McLaren Formula One. Their cars were a particular success in the Indy 5000 races in the USA. The relationship only came to an end with the death of Bruce McLaren. Trojan were then left with a racing car division and very little business so for one season, 1973, they ran their own Formula One team.